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X Ray - We want to help you by providing health care services.




-We strive to meet our attending physicians' exacting needs for high quality imaging and reporting as well as responding to their deadlines and scheduling issues.

  -We strive to make our patients welcome and comfortable in our private suite setting.The technologists know our patients, because they are with them though the entire process. Beginning with the scheduling, through the actual imaging and right on to the claim handling, we provide a totally  seamless service. Our entire management system is designed around the principle of compassionate efficiency.

  -We strive to simplify the billing process. Billing is done in a comprehensive and timely manner. We make sure that our patients, our doctors and our insurers are never left stranded without information.

We also recognize that to be your partner in health care services, we must constantly update our knowledge and technology. To that end, we are affiliated with similar companies that share our passion for excellence.

·       -All our radiologists are mammography certified. We will continue to play a leadership role in mammography services.

·       -Our professional transcription services specialize in the intricate terminology used in bone density, mammography and x-ray reporting

Department Chief

Dr. Sebastien Russell, PhDDr. Russell

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Flexibility and stretching

Strengthening exercises

Spine stabilization


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Dental Package


Laser tooth whitening

Dental veneers

Porcelain crowns

Dental implants

Dental Surgery

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Maternity Package


10 antenatal consultations

Pediatrician for 1st exam

Obstetrician’s ward review

Ward drugs and disposables

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PHACO(Excluding Lens)




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